Fishing for Trout on Tampa Bay, Florida

Fishing for Trout, Tampa Bay
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Trout are also great table fare. They are not the heavyweight champions of the fish world but they have a real aggressive bite to them.

Trout average from 14" to 21", however, I have caught them ranging anywhere from 22" to 29." Those are considered to be the "Gator Trout." These can range from 3 to 9lbs and at that size are considered to be a Trophy Fish.

Trout are a year-round species, best caught from Winter to early Summer, then from Fall to Winter.

You can catch Trout from just about everything – with or without a cork – but I have to say that using a cork really rally's up these fish and they have to see what's going on.

Come experience fishing for Trout in Tampa Bay with Captain Kris and see what the excitement is all about.