Fishing for King Fish on Tampa Bay, Florida

Fishing for King Fish , Tampa Bay
King Fish Fishing with
Tailing Tales Fishing Charters

King Fish make their northerly run in the springtime and go back south in the Fall. Fishing for King Fish is pretty exhiliarating. Captain Kris of Tailing Tales Fishing Charters fishes for them in the nearshore reefs, bell bouys, shipping channels and under the Skyway Bridge when also fishing for Tarpon. King Fish are very common to 30". With many topping over 30" plus and when they are in a frenzy, it can be a fish on every throw.

There are many fishing tournaments for King Fish in the Tampa Bay area, the Suncoast King Fish Roundup being one of them, and the good thing is the run is not far to go to catch them.

When fishing for King Fish you never know what will come up in the chum slick, it could be anything from Cobra to Mackeral, Bonita and sharks. So come experience fishing for King Fish in Tampa Bay with Captain Kris and see what the excitement is all about.